teaching advanced asana
with Julie Dohrman

julie adv asana.jpeg

Teaching advanced asana is a great way to introduce experienced students to Level 2 and 3 physical poses through classes that are flow-based and form-based. But what really constitutes an advanced practice, or makes someone an advanced practitioner of yoga? As teachers, how do you know when students are ready to try poses that require more refined skill and awareness?

Practicing advanced postures and the sequences to get there is based on strong understanding of the foundational principles of the poses, adept physical skill, refined awareness of breath, and a balance of strength and softness. While every student will indeed experience varying degrees of difficulty in any pose, physically and mentally, learning to be a teacher of challenging postures opens the door for copious amounts of new things for students to learn about themselves! Level 2 and 3 poses invite and require more subtlety, inner strength, mental focus, and a willingness to learn about who you have to become - not just what you have to do - to perform a higher level pose.

Our day-long training will include examining 5 key asana categories: inversions, arm balances, deep back bends, twisted bound standing poses, and deep hip openers with aim to uncover their foundational teaching points, devise varied sequences to teach them effectively and efficiently, important cues, and recognizing when students are ready and not ready.

As teachers we can invite students to engage their practice with heightened awareness as well as master skills to approach their next level.

Our full day examining Advanced Asana will include:

  • Understanding advanced as a concept, and how it shows up in people
  • Learn to break down the components of advanced poses
  • Sequencing Strategies to 5 key postures: handstand, full-wheel, scorpion, bound revolved triangle, and lotus
  • Learn the Points of Preparation, or diksha: recognizing when students are ready
  • Break-out groups for planning and practice teaching and cueing
  • Come prepared to practice, practice teach, and learn together

DATES: Saturday, December 9th 1:00-8:00p

Cost: $150

Julie is one of New York’s most sought-after yoga teachers, known for her spirited and intelligent teaching style. Teaching and educating for nearly 15 years, Julie’s classes are a living mix of her deep wonder of yoga, passion for practice, and understanding that yoga needs a practical approach to take root. Julie’s classes are infused with clear instruction and smart sequencing for students to feel integrated, strong, balanced, inspired about life, and more freely in touch with Spirit. Julie is ERYT-500 and leads the registered Shaktiyoga New York 200-hour Teacher Training program at Bend + Bloom, as well as teaching Yoga Immersions, meditation, Yoga Therapeutics, and retreats. Find Julie at www.shaktiyogany.com.