Refine Your Teaching: Themes + Cues
with Julie Dohrman


As yoga teachers, we speak the practice and face an enormous amount of options when choosing what to say in class. We can speak about the poses, anatomy, actions, essence, and theory of the practice, so knowing what to say and when to say it is what translates into effective teaching. 

Cues offer teachers the path to reach students, and themes (sometimes known as "dharma talks") offer inspiration and context for the deeper meaning of yoga to unfold. Weaving the two together is a skill that can create a more complete experience for students, and honors the tradition of yoga as a mind-body-spirit practice.

This one-day Continuing Education training is intended for yoga teachers who want to teach more meaningful, precise, inspiring, and effective classes. Through lecture and experiential exercises, Julie will lead participants toward refining language & instruction, developing their creativity, choosing accessible yet meaningful themes, and weaving them into class in order to teach more potent and inspirational classes.

Through the training you will:

  • Practice concise and clear language for more effective teaching 
  • Understand the difference between cues and instructions - and when to use them
  • Replace common jargon, cliches, & filler-words with accessible teaching cues
  • Develop the art of the “theme bomb” and how to weave it effectively into class
  • Craft two to three fresh class themes and outlines

Bring a journal + pen. Come prepared to practice, practice teach, and learn from each other. 

Cost: $150 (early-bird $125 if paid by October 8th)

Julie is one of New York’s most sought-after yoga teachers, known for her spirited and intelligent teaching style. Teaching and educating for nearly 15 years, Julie’s classes are a living mix of her deep wonder of yoga, passion for practice, and understanding that yoga needs a practical approach to take root. Julie’s classes are infused with clear instruction and smart sequencing for students to feel integrated, strong, balanced, inspired about life, and more freely in touch with Spirit. Julie is ERYT-500 and leads the registered Shaktiyoga New York 200-hour Teacher Training program at Bend + Bloom, as well as teaching Yoga Immersions, meditation, Yoga Therapeutics, and retreats. Find Julie at