new parents’ support group

6-week series, meets Tuesdays 1:00-2:30pm and Thursdays 11:15-12:45pm
Led by Tina Goldstein
$120 ($180 for you plus your partner)

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Join this supportive space to share your experiences and concerns, ask questions and find common ground while forming community with other parents. This hour-and-a-half focuses on a topic concerning the profound transition into parenthood, but is open to individual concerns, so bring your baby (newborns up to 18 months) and your lunch and meet some new friends who truly “get” what you’re going through.

Topics may include:

  • Birth stories (share as little or as much as you'd like)

  • The oh-so-big topic of sleep

  • Feeding the babe: breast, bottle & pump tips and tricks

  • Adjusting to going back to work/deciding to stay home

  • Balancing your relationship with your partner

  • The world of childcare: nannies, babysitters and grandma

  • ...and more!

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I loved the group! It was a great way to meet new moms and talk about the very specific experience of having a newborn while we are all going through it.

Tina Goldstein is a pre- and post-natal yoga teacher, certified breastfeeding counselor, mother of a kindergartener, and a postpartum doula. Her passion and fascination with all things moms, babies, and kids has put her on the path of providing open-minded support to her clients and students whatever their choices may be.

breastfeeding support clinic 

Every Thursday from 1:00-2:30
Led by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant


Bring your baby and your breastfeeding questions! International Board Certified Lactation Consultants Denise McDonald and Heather Mullen lead this drop-in group Breastfeeding Clinic at Bend & Bloom. You will be able to meet other breastfeeding moms and babies, check on your baby’s weight, and grow in your breastfeeding skills. Denise and Heather will work with you and your baby to help you meet your breastfeeding goals in a relaxed and nurturing environment. 

You may also bring your breast pump and kit if you need to pump during the support group, or need an assessment of fit, comfort, or efficiency. If you're having trouble making enough milk, please bring expressed milk or formula with you. 

Meet our Lactation Consultants:

Denise is a certified IBCLC and lives in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn with her husband and 2 sons. She provides personalized breastfeeding support to families seeking a lactation consultant to achieve their breastfeeding goals. She has supported mothers with low milk supply, oversupply, mastitis, blocked ducts, and back-to-work concerns, among other breastfeeding concerns. To keep up-to-date in her field, she is a member of New York Lactation Consultants Association (NYLCA), International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA), and United States Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA) and attends conferences and webinars related to her field.

Heather is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in private practice serving Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. Heather has been working with postpartum mothers and baby for the past six years. She spent two years studying with some of the masters in lactation in New York City, first during her eighteen month internship at Mt. Sinai Hospital and then in the field as she shadowed some of the best IBCLCs in private practice today. Heather has also been a La Leche League Leader and a Certified Postpartum Doula. It is this extensive training as well as her own experience as a nursing mother that informs her deep understanding of the challenges many new mother’s face as they try to find their way in the first overwhelming, exhausting days of motherhood.

 *We would like for our Postpartum Support Groups to be accessible to all mothers, so you are welcome to donate a lesser amount if the cost exceeds your current capacity.

postnatal yoga therapeutics 

Every Wednesday from 2:00 - 3:15pm
Led by Lara Kohn-Thompson
Regular class rates apply


This is a space for mamas to come and get personalized care for challenges like pelvic floor issues, diastasis recti, and back pain in a group setting with postnatal recovery and movement expert Lara Kohn Thompson (and assisted by Ani Weinstein). Bring specific questions or concerns regarding your postnatal physical recovery and retraining, or join for a general exposure to best practices for holistic self care in the years following childbirth. Each question will be addressed both personally and in group practice. Sessions will include practices that are restorative and support a woman's core strength, energy level, and confidence. Bring your baby or come solo!

See our full natal schedule here.

Lara Kohn-Thompson is a licensed massage therapist, perinatal trainer, educator and mentor, Lara has been teaching Yoga and involved with women's health since the early 2000s. Building on a successful dance career in her native France, Lara brings her extensive experience with movement and bodywork as well as a French expertise in perinatal care to both her teaching and her bodywork practice.