Our annual B+B spring tradition is back - The May Challenge! Shake off the winter creaks and feel a little clearer for spring by completing 25 yoga classes in the month of May.

Sign up no later than May 5th - it's easy and there is no charge to sign up. You can use your existing membership, class pack, or purchase a contract-free one month unlimited membership for $175, which includes all mat rentals to further lighten your load.

For an added dose of community support, join one or all of these specially designed classes to help keep you motivated at the beginning of each week.

Monday, May 6, 7am - Rooting into Spring: standing postures that connect and center

Monday, May 13, 7am - Core Integration: accessing lower abdominal power to support an inspired flow 

Monday, May 20, 7am - Blooming into Spring: front body length, back body strength

Monday, May 27, 9:15am - Striking a Balance: moving through balance shapes with a calm mind and playful purpose 

What's the payoff if you complete the challenge? Besides feeling fantastic, we'll sweeten the deal by giving you a $25 studio credit towards your next b+b purchase (this one time credit can be applied toward class packs, workshops, and boutique items, but not auto-renew membership payments). 

Ready for the challenge? Set your intention for May now by signing up here. There is no fee to register but you must officially sign up by May 5th in order to participate!