tj halliday


TJ Halliday has been actively studying the mind-body connection and our capacity for self-healing for over 20 years through yoga and other evidence-based practices. She has been teaching for the better part of a decade and holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology + Mind Body Connection from Columbia University.

After struggling with anxiety from childhood, TJ found yoga to be the most stabilizing and transformative therapy for coping and has since become a champion of integrating restorative + mindfulness tools into her practice and teachings for a flow that is both strong and soft.

She has studied with Yoga + Mental Health pioneers Amy Weintraub, Bo Forbes and Alison West, as well as with world-renowned Vipassana meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg. Out of this work came her own highly effective Emotional Wellness workshop series which addresses mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, along with ways to build resiliency.

TJ is also an advocate for women's mental health and works with Pre- and Post-Natal populations through yoga and mindfulness practices. She mentors with respected perinatal care expert Lara Kohn-Thompson and is certified in Yoga for Labor + Delivery. Additionally, she teaches at The Motherhood Center in Manhattan, which provides supportive programming for new and expecting moms, and women suffering from perinatal mood + anxiety disorders.