marlie mcgovern

Marlie McGovern, E-RYT, RPYT, MA, teaches meditative and somatic practices from the contemplative traditions of Yoga and Buddhism, informed by contemporary insights from Western psychology.

With an educational background in cultural anthropology and psychology, Marlie explores how we experience ourselves and others in the world. She specializes in Restorative Yoga, a deep and nuanced practice of fully supported asana that stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and facilitates exploration of the subtle limbs of yoga. She created and leads Restorative Yoga Teacher Trainings for physicians, therapists, yoga teachers and caregivers across diverse professions.

Marlie is a teacher in the Meditation Teacher Training program with Nalanda Institute, The Path, and Pure Yoga, and is a graduate of the Nalanda Institute’s two-year Contemplative Psychotherapy Program. In addition to teacher trainings, weekly classes, and one-to-one private sessions, Marlie leads workshops for cultural institutions, such as New York University, The Rubin Museum, and Tibet House U.S.