marisa sako

Marisa relishes the moment in warrior III when the first bead of sweat drips off the tip of the nose and splashes onto the mat, yet concentration remains unbroken. In her class, you can expect emphasis on creative transitions to keep the practice interesting and innovative. She manages to geek out on alignment in just the right dose as not to disrupt the flow.

After completing her 200-hour teacher training in 2006, Marisa found Kula Yoga Project where she first learned to slow down and let herself be in really intense places while finding comfort in the sonorous sound of the collective ujjayi breath in the room. After a few years of practice with Schuyler Grant, Marisa participated in her 75-hour intensive training. You’ll get a healthy serving of anatomical information and breath instruction needed to free you up so you can sweat and flow safely and delve into the deeper layers of your practice.

Marisa first studied anatomy with neuromuscular therapist Susan Hefner, later with Leslie Kaminoff. She completed her 500-hour certification and certificate in Yoga for Back Care with preeminent alignment stickler Alison West. Marisa tries to pass on to her students what yoga has given her: breath as a bridge between the body and mind, and the ability to imbue action with mindfulness and heart through moving meditation. She's grateful for this practice, her teachers, and for such dedicated and inquisitive students. Endless gratitude to Amy for creating and nurturing this amazing Bend & Bloom community!

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