emily giovine


Throughout her life as a dancer and performer, Emily has been exposed to the gamut of styles of movement study, and finds all of them fascinating. She first experienced yoga as a relief from several challenging years as a college student in New York City, and loved the ways in which it balanced creative movement with discipline and compassion. Yoga opened Emily to a more expansive investigation of asana, anatomy, and mindfulness. Her foundational training with Alison West gave Emily an understanding of intelligent alignment and sequencing. She learned to seamlessly link movement with breath in a steady, metronomic flow under the guidance of Schuyler Grant. Also deeply curious about physical patterning and therapeutic asana, Emily has studied Yoga for Backcare and Scoliosis with Elise Browning Miller and holistic anatomy and postural assessment with Zachery Dacuk. Most recently, she studied with Alexandra Auder in Philly, who passed on a wealth of knowledge pertaining to intelligent alignment, Vedanta, and joint preservation. Emily's classes draw on her experiences as a dancer as well as the perspectives of her teachers. Above all, she believes that movement is deeply empowering; she hopes to provide students an integrated, embodied experience.