denise hopkins


Denise began her yoga journey after working for 13 years in the NYC fashion industry. Yoga became her saving grace to the competitive nature of the business.  After searching for a teacher training in the city, she decided to take the Forrest Yoga training based on gut instinct. It was life changing.  She completed her training with founder Ana Forrest in 2005 and currently assists Ana nationally at workshops and teacher trainings. 

Through Forrest Yoga, Denise learned the skills she needed to let go of old behavior patterns which set her up for being “walked on." She found an inner strength which birthed new confidence, passion, and lots of feeling.  

Denise draws from her strong sense of intuition and passion for hands-on healing.  She has a knack for reading the energy of students and responding to what they need.  It is her desire that every student feels seen and understood. 

She also incorporates her work with Cranial Sacral Therapy into her hands-on assists and private sessions. She is currently studying CST through the  Milne Institute.  For more information on Denise, please visit