cristina tarantola

Cristina sees the practice of yoga as an offering of the heart, where movement and breath are the tools to connect deeper with the truest sense of Self, and attain a higher sense of consciousness. She first started practicing yoga 6 years ago because she was attracted by the physical practice. She soon realized that yoga required not just a strong body, but a focused mind and breath to attain deep meditation.

Cristina stumbled upon her first yoga studio on the Upper East Side where she started taking Bikram classes religiously for a whole year and then slowly moved to Vinyasa. This complete practice blew her mind. The devotion and passion that she has for yoga is what has led her to teach and to share this amazing discipline with others.

Cristina's goal is to teach from her practice and to offer what moves her. She seeks to create space and strength in the body and in the mind in order to create space in life through a grounding, challenging, expansive and uplifting Vinyasa practice. Her classes are slow flowing, but intense and creative, with a strong emphasis on alignment learned from her extensive studies with Alison West, John Friend, Schuyler Grant, David Regelin and Alex Auder, and spiced up by challenging arm balances and core work.