cari friedman

Cari has studied with master teachers since 1995 and has been teaching since 2001.  She is a dedicated and gifted teacher who combines exceptional technical knowledge with an ability to recognize and respond to each student’s individual needs. Regarded for her ability to impart a clear understanding of structure, stability and strength, Cari’s classes manage to be both challenging and nourishing.

Most importantly, Cari creates a safe space for all students, inspiring trust, risk-taking, vulnerability and ultimately, confidence. Her primary motivation in teaching is to help students understand a transformative yoga practices begins with a willingness to become aware of our personal habits. Her mission is to support students to make the unconscious, conscious through organization of the body, mind and breath. 

Since 2012, Cari has studied under Nevine Michaan and Abby Galvin of Katonah Yoga, whose outstanding teachings have transferred into her own classes and practice. A lifelong learner, Cari continues her yoga education with teachers of all styles and traditions and her greatest teachers are her family, who inspire her practice at the most intimate and fundamental level. Cari also holds a BA from the Boston Conservatory of music.