anna beth rousakis

Anna Beth Rousakis teaches yoga to people of all ages – from babies to adults. In her classes, she aims to create a supportive, welcoming environment to help students find their own personal connection to yoga.

Anna Beth has taught yoga to babies, toddlers, and children for the past 6 years, offering light-hearted classes that encourage creative self-expression and healthy movement. Using games, songs, and imaginative play, she introduces young students to asana, breathing techniques and mindful relaxation. She celebrates the natural curiosity and exuberance of youth and loves watching her students build confidence; strengthen concentration and listening skills; and gain physical and emotional awareness of themselves and others.

Her classes for adults focus on alignment, balance, and recognizing the strong connection between mind and body. Through mindful movement and self-examination, Anna Beth hopes to impart an ever-renewing respect for the human body, its physical and mental abilities, and its capacity for growth. She values the philosophical underpinnings of yoga and hopes
that her teaching may inspire others to take those ideas off their mats and into their daily lives.

Anna Beth completed her 500-hour RYT training at YogaWorks, her certification in children's yoga at Karma Kids yoga, and her Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby postnatal certification from Jyothi Larsen.

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