frequently asked questions


+ What is Bend + Bloom's approach to yoga?

There are many different ways to define the ancient and ever-evolving practice of yoga. At Bend + Bloom our yoga is about building awareness of the interdependence of body, breath, mind, and heart. The Yoga Sutras say, “Yoga is the ability to direct the mind without distraction or interruption.” While that is a tall order for NYC living, Bend + Bloom's classes are designed as a respite from the multi-tasking of our daily grind and a moment to tune in, get curious about our bodies and inner lives, and to develop mind and movement habits that will lead to more joyful, whole living.

+ How do I know which class is right for me?

Choosing the right class can be confusing. A good place to start is our Brand New Beginner Workshop or our Basics classes. Once you feel confident in Basics you can transition to our Open (mixed-level) Flow, Align, or Forrest classes. Generally, Flow tends to be a steady-paced Vinyasa, linking movement to breath with alignment cues woven in. Align classes take more time in each shape in order to refine, and de-emphasize flow. Forrest is an intense practice with long holds and an emphasis on core. Stop by the desk or call for more guidance - and don't forget to sprinkle in some Restorative on occassion!

+ Do I need to pre-register for a class?

Signing up for class beforehand reserves your space in class until the start time and it speeds up your check-in time at the desk. If you don't already have an account, you may create one here. If you do not have time to sign in beforehand, no worries, just pop in and we'll get you in class if there is room. Be sure to cancel your reservation by the start of class if you are unable to make it so you can use the class credit later.

+ What do I need to bring?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. If you own a yoga mat you can bring it or rent a mat from us for $2. We do not sell water, but there is filtered water for you to fill your own bottle.

+ What do I do when I arrive?

Remove your shoes and check in at the desk (even if you signed in online). We'll give you the lowdown about the rest in person!

+ I'm running late...can I still come?

Classes: If there is room you can quietly slip into class up to 10 minutes late. Wait until after the Om to enter and find your space quietly. If there is a waitlist, pre-registered students who arrive past the 10-minute grace period will lose their spots. You must purchase a class in order to reserve a spot. If you do not cancel a class reservation by the start of class and do not attend you are still charged for that class.

Workshops: There is a 10-minute grace period for workshop arrivals. If there is a waitlist, pre-registered students who arrive past the 10-minute grace period will lose their spots.

+ What do I do with the props?

Blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters are free for use and are tools to support a safe yoga practice. They can help you find balanced joint space, develop healthy range of motion, and just make the practice feel good. Grab the props you need at the beginning of class (the teacher will offer guidance) and keep them placed neatly near your mat. Using props is a sign of an advanced practitioner!”