Shaktiyoga New York 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training

Julie Dohrman, founder of Shaktiyoga New York Align + Flow, presents an Advanced Teacher Training like no other! You will be invited to further develop your skills, savvy, and intuitive wisdom while learning new applied techniques that will create a full circle of excellence in the craft of teaching yoga. Teaching requires a sensitivity that takes training, and only through the experience of being in the classroom with a wide variety of students can the information from your 200 hour training begin to take root.


The focus of this training is on helping teachers develop a more balanced, sophisticated, and holistic approach to teaching with clarified intention for a sustained life of practice, offering, and livelihood. Trainees will sharpen their teaching skills, knowledge of anatomy and therapeutic approaches to yoga, learn specialized yoga practices, and investigate personal aims of practice and changes that have occurred on the path. Overall you’ll learn that you’re creating a personal expression of what you’ve practiced that is shared with your students.

Teaching skills will include:

  • Sequencing vinyasa, advanced asana, and peak-pose classes
  • Expanded Therapeutic yoga knowledge and methods
  • Sharpen your verbal instruction & observation skills to recognize patterns and truly teach to what you see
  • Refinement of Hands-on Assists
  • Deeper understanding of the relationship of the categories of poses; their form and function
  • Strengthened practical understanding of alignment principles and deepening your own practice
  • Use of Themes, metaphor, and myth
  • Learning the pacing, sequencing, and craft of teaching Align + Flow classes

Advanced Teacher Training will offer expert guest faculty and mentors to teach you specialized practices of yoga, activating a more well rounded, holistic approach to teaching.

They will include: 

  • Developing your Voice and the Heart and Soul of Your Unique Offering - Jessica Boyleston-Fagonde
  • Currents of Philosophical Thought & Meditation - Christopher "Hareesh" Wallis
  • Applied Therapeutic Yoga - Ellen Saltonstall
  • Flow + Form: Vinyasa Sequencing Skills - Lindsay Ashmun
  • Restorative Yoga - Marlie McGovern
  • Women's Issues and Pre/Postnatal - Lara Kohn Thompson
  • ...and more!

As an experienced teacher you may be ready to evolve and fully embody the teachings of yoga. Our year long program is an opportunity to grow and learn with other serious teachers and practitioners, redefine who you are as a teacher, and clarify your personal mission in this role as steward of yoga traditions. The training will combine practice, practice teaching with peer and trainer feedback, studentship of learning new techniques and methods, along with building a community of fellow teachers

Advanced Teacher Training is an invitation to be in conversation with all the levels of Self, with students, with teachers, and with the teachings themselves.

Shaktiyoga New York is a fully registered 300 hour Advanced Training School with Yoga Alliance. Upon completion of the program you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as RYT-500.

Graduates of a 200 hour Teacher Training program of any method, with at least one year’s experience (or 100 hours) of teaching. You do not have to be a full-time teacher to apply, nor do you have to be injury-free, or an advanced practitioner. Please be ready to commit fully to the group time together, and to your own growth!  


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