Private Sessions

Bend + Bloom offers private and group semi-private sessions available at the studio or in your home. Our rates are $125 for a 60-minute single private plus $30 for every additional individual for semi-privates.*

We also offer specialized private sessions for prenatal or postnatal therapeutics, family + kids yoga, as well other specific issues such as back care. The rate for a 60-minute specialized private is $140. For family private sessions, there is an charge of $10 for each additional individual.

To inquire about scheduling a private, please fill out the form below.

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Please provide us with with days and times you are available for the session. If you chose a specialized private, please briefly describe the issue you want to address with the instructor. If you want an in-home session, please let us know your location so we can take that into consideration when coordinating with your instructor.

*Please note if you do book a private with us, we require at least 24 hours notice to cancel otherwise you will still be charged for the session.