We're bringing back a great B+B spring tradition - The May Challenge! Let's officially say hello to Spring by setting our intentions high. Feel warmer and lighter by completing 25 yoga classes in the month of May.

First, sign up no later than May 5th - it's easy and it's free. Then join us as we kick off the month together with Daniella's 3:30pm open flow class on Sunday, May 1st . After that, attend specially-themed weekly classes with Karen on Thursdays at 7am or 630pm designed to deepen your understanding of all eight limbs of yoga.

Week 1 - Practicing Restraint and Observation
Week 2 - Using Pranayama to Build the Asana
Week 3 - Mindful Movement through Inner Awareness
Week 4 - Integration of Restoratives + Meditation

Flow through the rest of the month taking classes once, maybe twice(!) a day to complete your 25 before May 31st. All themed classes are optional - feel free to attend any classes on the schedule that move you!

What's the payoff if you complete the challenge? Besides feeling fantastic of course, we'll sweeten the deal by giving you a $25 studio credit towards your entire next b+b purchase (feel free to add class packs, workshops, and boutique items into your next purchase*).

Ready for the challenge? Set your intention for May now by signing up here. Simply use your regular class pack or membership to practice. There is no fee to register but you must officially sign up by May 5th in order to participate!

*studio credit cannot be applied to auto-renew memberships