maya ray schoenfeld

Maya Ray is a Certified Rolfer and a 500-hour Yoga Works teacher. She is a lifelong student of the human body and has deeply studied anatomy and physiology through human movement, structural integration, and cadaver dissections. She is currently the anatomy instructor for Kelly Morris's Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training.  

Maya is grateful to have trained in therapeutic and restorative yoga with Judith Lasater and Jillian Pransky, and has studied anatomy and yoga therapy intensively with Leslie Kaminoff. She is currently the Rolfer-in-Residence at the Breathing Project in Manhattan. 

Maya looks at teaching yoga and Rolfing as similar in process - both modalities peel away layers of stress, tension, and other maladaptive patterns so that everyone can be clearer in their bodies and their lives. Maya's classes are a blend of the breath-centered movement and detailed instruction of alignment.