grazia capri

Grazia Capri is a choreographer, performer and a 500-hour yoga teacher certified by YogaWorks. Born in Italy, Grazia lived and worked in several European cities including Brussels, London, Berlin, and Paris. She holds a Master's degree in Performing Arts from The University of Bologna (Italy) and a Master’s degree in Benesh Movement Notation from the National Conservatory of Dance and Music of Paris. When Grazia started her yoga practice, she  immediately became interested in yoga’s physical benefits, deep spirituality, and philosophy. In yoga, Grazia found the perfect evolution to the path towards her personal growth. She has practiced yoga with passion and devotion ever since. Grazia practiced Ashtanga yoga in Paris, Jivamukti yoga in London and Berlin, and Iyengar classes in New York. Grazia's yoga classes are focused on bringing awareness to the body and spiritual balance through the precision of alignment, conscious breath and dedicated practice. Yoga for Grazia is a deep path through the truth and the awareness of oneself through progressive, conscious, and focused work.