bend + bloom adult classes

+ Basics

Consider yourself too tight, inflexible, or high strung for yoga? Bend + Bloom Basics will inspire the yogi in you. By focusing on yoga fundamentals we develop body awareness, learn basic postures, focus on proper alignment, and practice coordinating the breath and movements gracefully together. Develop a connection to your physical and energetic body while cultivating strength, balance, and relaxation. Extra attention is given to help the tight hamstringed and vertigo prone among us to yogify with confidence.

+ Open Flow

A creative, energetic, mixed-level flow class that integrates the fundamentals of yoga through intelligent sequencing and a steady breath. This class will keep you intrigued, enlivened and, ultimately, chilled out. Modifications are offered throughout to make this challenging class accessible to students already familiar with yoga basics.

+ Open Align

This mixed-level class blends effective technique with energizing sequences to help you tune into your alignment and enjoy your breath. Principles of anatomy and biomechanics help to cultivate clarity in form and optimize your experience on the mat. This class offers plenty of time to explore poses to uplift and strengthen students in heart, body, and mind. A great class for those recovering from injuries.

+ Hour Flow

The finest ingredients of Bend + Bloom's Open Flow, lovingly filtered down to a short and sweet one-hour indulgence. The perfect yoga bite to re-energize the weary worker, provide breathing room to parents, or satisfy those who want their yoga in compact form.

+ Forrest Yoga

Created by Ana Forrest over 30 years ago, Forrest Yoga is a practice designed to free up physical and emotional blocks in the body. Forrest Yoga teaches you how to build strength safely, work with injuries, and connect more fully to your breath.

What to expect: The first 20-30 minutes of class focuses on opening tight spots, core work, and strength building poses. Then comes the hot part: ride your breath through sun salutations and long held standing poses. Apex poses may include: arm balances, inversions, back bends. Pose modifications are always given to suit all levels of students.

While you will build heat in your body and sweat, Forrest Yoga is quite distinct from Bikram Yoga.

+ Advanced Flow

A dynamic, flowing class that integrates core strengthening sequences as well as options for arm balances and inversion sequences. This class is for students who feel completely comfortable in our Open level offerings and wanting to take their practice to a new level.

+ Advanced Align

A powerful and deep practice for seasoned students to explore the nuances of advanced poses. Students should have a consistent practice, the experience + knowledge to self-modify and fuel intensity as desired, and fluency in maintaining the breath throughout practice. No serious injuries please.

+ Breaking Down the Basics

New to yoga? This is the class for you. Learn the fundamentals of yoga postures and gain confidence & strength. You will develop body awareness, learn proper alignment of basic poses, and practice coordinating breath with movement. This is also an excellent class for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of postural alignment. Open to all levels of practice.

+ Sweet Relief – A Blend of Open Flow, Yin & Restorative

Sixty minutes of maxed-out flowing yoga followed by a thirty-minute blend of deep yin yoga stretches and restorative poses. After your blood is good and pumping from a vigorous practice, we will take it down to rest in yoga postures using supportive props. The results — deep muscle release and calm rejuvenation to the nervous system. Ahhh!

On Fridays, enjoy this class accompanied by live music!

+ Gentle Flow & Restorative

Cultivate mindfulness of your breathing body through fluid, gentle movement, followed by fully supported stillness in restorative asana. Restorative yoga is a soothing, contemplative self-care practice in which one's body is fully supported in seated or supine yoga postures. Its health benefits include lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety, and a greater sense of well-being, centeredness, and clarity. Beginner-level and prenatal students are welcome.

+ Sunrise Flow

Discover the difference a morning practice can make in your work day and life. The finest ingredients of Bend + Bloom flow lovingly filtered down to a short and sweet one hour indulgence. Please be on time for Sunrise classes, as the door is locked promptly at 7:00. Thank you!

+ Prenatal Yoga

Meet other future mamas and indulge in the benefits of Bend & Bloom prenatal yoga. Our gently flowing practice will help you improve circulation, ease digestion, maintain a limber spine, strengthen your uterus and pelvic muscles, and simply make you more at ease throughout your pregnancy. We take plenty of time to share and address common challenges we face over the prenatal journey including nausea, constipation, varicose veins, swelling, and back pain.

Through yoga, breath work, meditation, and discussion you will develop confidence and nurture your innate wisdom to connect with your baby and enjoy the magical process of pregnancy and birth. It is our intention to make you feel well cared for, more calm, comfortable and confident with every class. Our prenatal classes are for women at all stages of pregnancy, and postnatal moms are also welcome. No previous yoga experience necessary.

+ Postnatal Yoga: Parent & Baby

Rejuvenate your body after childbirth! Rebuild strength and soothe the aches of new parenthood while connecting with your newest addition. This class combines gentle yoga with baby-bonding exercises like infant massage, stretching, and songs. Discover your community of new parents and share concerns, challenges, and milestones. Open to all parents and caregivers with babies 6 weeks old up to crawlers. Limited stroller parking is available in our lobby. Bring an extra blanket for your baby to chill on. Yoga mats are provided.

+ Meditation Class

A 25-minute fully guided seated meditation class exploring mindfulness, compassion, and visualization practices from the Buddhist tradition. Clear, detailed instruction, and an opportunity to ask questions will be offered each week. Beginners are welcome. Participants may sit in chairs, if preferred. Suggested donation $10.